By accessing or using the Service you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the Service.

Terms and Conditions:

Rates may change without prior notice All Rates is agreed upon and must be made by the shipper prior to pick up and upon delivery before unloading payment must be made in full. Rates depends on actual pickup and delivery Rates and service is applicable for this transaction only Services is from point of pickup and delivery ground to ground only, some additional rates for manpower service if items will be picked up on upper floors and or delivered on upper levels, additional rates may occur. Cancellation of trip when the truck arrives at pick up, full payment must be made.

Capcom reserves the right to inspect or open your item in your presence for any valid reason prior to or upon transportation. Or to reject the items to be and or loaded in the vehicle when deemed necessary. or as prohibited by the Philippines rule of law. or what in violation of company prescribed regulation. Capcom cannot be held liable for any delay, losses, incomplete and or damages, inaccurate, false declaration, false documentations, unavailable carrier and equipment, or failure to comply with regulations. Both shipper and consignee agree with the term: shipper’s load, count, properly transportation packed and sealed. no warranty and guaranty on any fragile commodity, specially glass items. Shipper and Consignee is on the knowledge of what is inside the boxes, containers, plastic bag, cabinet, and other means of storage and items.

Capcom Has no knowledge of this contents as the company respect the right to privacy of its clients or customer’s property. Capcom only knows what the client declares. Capcom does not permit to load on the vehicle high valued items such as jewelries, watches, laptop, mobile phone, tablet and or any such high valued items. this must be hand carried by the ultimate shipper. All Risk Insurance coverage is available upon request. Any claim must be made in writing and submitted within 15 days from the date of pick up, claims after this period will no longer be accepted as the items is already at the hand and consignee’s custody for a long period of time. In tendering this transaction, shippers agree to the terms and conditions applied here with. No claim if misdeclaration of facts, value, improper packaging, delay, equipment un availability and or prohibited by law. This transaction is separated from another transaction. All items NOT Claimed within 3 days loaded with us, shipper and consignee acknowledge the declaration of abandonment and will be put into auction for the time and day spent and for coverage of penalty and other billing and charges occurred.

Terms of Payment is Cash, Any additional request must be advised one day prior to pick up.